Therapy Centre

Our Therapy Centre is at number 5 Gleneagles Road and was originally a dilapidated guest house that we purchased with the aid of the lottery and revamped accordingly. This property is already bursting at the seams.

Consisting of 6 classrooms divided up according to children’s needs and abilities. We have a medicine centre and a central area for meeting and assessing new children as well as for teaching on our three in house computers. Two are set up for eye coordination operation. Each classroom has a very carefully planned out schedule, including therapy, feeding, stimulation/ teaching and medical care. Each individual has his or her own individually planned out therapy routine as well. This includes, feeding, positioning, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, stimulus, play therapy and outdoor time.
Canaan also offers staff training on a regular basis in order for the staff to be highly proficient in areas such as health, tube feeding and management of seizures. We do not have an in house speech therapist or dietician but we always have a variety of medical professionals on hand to consult with. Therapies such as art, aqua therapy, sensory integration and music are carried out daily by our trained therapy assistants.

Emphasis is placed on promoting independence and self confidence in our children. Every child uses a variety of equipment for their needs, including standing frames, walkers,  specially designed chairs, positioners, bean bags, wedges, splints, therapy balls and crawling aids.