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Assisted Living Centre and palliative care centre

At present both our centres are filled to capacity and we urgently need more space. Firstly we would like a new house for an assisted Living Centre for our over 16 yrs. They would live there as well as undergo therapy and activities during the day. We would create a space in the assisted living home for our dedicated Palliative care and would ideally like to employ a full time nursing sister to run this facility.

Home school centre

A house which could accommodate our children that is capable of learning via our specially equipped computers. It would be set up as small school so that the children could feel as if they were attending a proper school and have none of the usual daily disturbances at our therapy centre. This would facilitate proper teaching and education facilitates independence. We would need more computers and staff.

Place of safety

A dedicated home for our place of safety children who have been neglected and abused, we would create a warm family environment for them to feel safe and to heal.

Training centre

A place whereby we could run courses to train and enable staff and parents, where consultants and professional services or specialists could give talks and training to staff, parents and the public. We would also run our community awareness program from this facility.

Food donations

(we will provide a list)


Donors for our orphans and abandoned children and non paying children. At present we have 15 children needing their expenses covered added to that our normal school fees already does not cover the specialist type of care needed for each child.

Service delivery

Services free of charge or discounted. We need property maintenance, cleaning, laundry, garden and pool services ongoing.

Therapy services

Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, doctors, speech therapy, nursing, specialists.

Medical donations

Essential items

Nappies, wet wipes and baby products.

Health and Hygiene

Cleaning and sanitising products and equipment.

Living essentials

Therapy mattresses, bandannas, clothing, blankets, linen.

General funding

To cover the extra expenses incurred in running our centre.